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Welcome to bake 88

Bake 88 is a micro bakery run by me, Charlotte, in the heart of Epsom, where you can order freshly baked sourdough bagels, bread loaves and other baked items.

Everything I produce is made to order so nothing goes to waste. Currently, Bake Day is Friday and your bread will be ready the same afternoon for collection from my house and I also do local delivery.

WHY bake 88?

The variety of bread I produce is a bit different to what you get in the shops.


For example, my bagels take 2 days to make and are fermented slowly overnight, then hand rolled, boiled and baked to give them a chewy texture and distinctive taste. This is the traditional New York bagel method, with those classic flavours that you’ll recognise.

For all my products I use only organic flour from Shipton Mill and wild or fresh yeast, organic seeds and dried fruit wherever possible. No additives, preservatives or chemicals are ever added. This all adds to great tasting bread!

The name Bake 88 was chosen to be catchy and is a lucky number in Chinese standing for good fortune and double happiness! 

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Delicious bread. And bagels. And cinnamon rolls. I have eaten comfortably (or comfort eaten) to my heart’s content this evening


Oh my, taste sensation! If you’re local, she’s one to follow


Nothing in the supermarket compares as they are made with quality ingredients with "no nasties" added