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This loaf is made completely wheat free as some people are allergic to wheat and/or gluten. I've tried and tested a number of different recipes, this one has by far the best flavour and crumb, the bread slices really well and it doesn't crumble. Great as toast! 


Please note every effort is made to avoid cross contamination from the other products but cannot be guaranteed. Measures include washing all the bread making equipment & sanitise surfaces before making this loaf then it is cooled separately away from the wheat loaves.


Now with my signature 7seed blend of seeds


Available in large tin approx 850g

Gluten Free Bread

  • Organic buckwheat flour, organic potato starch, organic brown rice flour, organic psyllium husk, organic apple cider vinegar, yeast, sugar, salt

    7Seeded - pumpkin, sunflower, brown linseed, golden linseed, white sesame, black sesame, chia


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